Please, Let’s Stay Home

Coronavirus arrived with speed and caught many of us unprepared for the changes we would need to immediately make. Our lives turned upside down overnight. Amid all this uncertainty and unknown, we must find strength. Strength to endure, strength to support others, and strength to find joy, everyday.

I am eternally grateful for everyone on the front lines of this virus. They too have family and friends they worry about every single day. Yet they bravely step up and out for us day after day to provide the services and support we need.  There will never be enough ways to say thank you.

So what can you and I do? Listen. Trust in our leaders and experts who are guiding us. It isn’t hard – wash your hands – stay home – respect social distancing. Staying apart today, means more tomorrows together. Stay well my friends. We’ll have much to celebrate when we can get together!

Let's Stay Home

One thought on “Please, Let’s Stay Home

  1. Beautiful layout Deb. Yes, lets all do what we can! Hoping this will all be over soon and we can look back and learn from this journey.


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