You Go Girl!

Here’s a smile to make your day brighter! My beautiful granddaughter Madison is the star of today’s page. The girls clothing store Justice, hosted a Dance Party on March 7, 2020. Our store in London, it HUGE – it would be any girl’s dream to shop there! Madison received an invite to this fun event with her birthday gift – also from Justice. She was so excited, and eagerly awaited the big day.

You Go Girl

All the girls that attended the Dance Party, were invited to pick out their favourite clothes and accessories in the store. The employees then took off the price tags and let the kids put on the clothes, shoes and accessories for a giant fashion show and dance party. What an amazing idea! Way to go Justice – you are building the self confidence of these girls as they grow and develop into the women of the future. AMAZING! Maddy had an incredible afternoon, and I love that this picture really shows her unique style!

The cut file featured in this layout comes from The Cut Shoppe (, and is called “You Go Girl”. I cut the file in white cardstock and then used the offset tool in Silhouette to back fill the title with patterned papers. The whole title was then backed with double sided foam to add dimension to the page.

I used Paige Evans’ Bloom Street collection of patterned papers and ephemera to make this page. I purchased the full paper pad and ephemera from Two Scrapbook Friends in Waterloo – great selection, awesome service and quick delivery! ( I did a little paint splattering on the background for added depth and added some pearl dots in pink and orange to complement the ephemera pieces throughout the layout. I completed the layout by using Doodlebug Design’s, Tiny Type lettering around the picture and to add the date.

Many thanks again to Justice, for hosting this wonderful event and letting our young ladies of today, build strong self images that will help them blossom into the women of tomorrow!

Happy Kid

Happy Kid

One of the aspects I love about creating scrapbook pages, is that inspiration can come from just about anywhere. But sometimes, we only need to look as far as someone else’s creativity to get us kick started. When Cocoa Vanilla Studio released their Legendary collection, I knew it would be on my “must have” list. With two grandsons, this masculine line was perfect. The very first layout Cocoa Vanilla posted was by the very talented Tarrah McLean, and she used this paper and the DIY Quilt die cut from The Cut Shoppe. It was a jaw dropper! I knew I’d have to find a way to use her creative inspiration to add to our personal scrapbooks.

Fast forward to this week. My daughter sent me a request to print a few photos for her. This picture of Owen was one of them. Well, as you can see, the colours in this photo fit perfectly with this paper. The rest is history, as they say. The overall page came together quite simply, using Die Cut Ephemera, Titles and Flair Buttons all from the Legendary line.

Again, I’d like to give credit and a shout out to Scrapbook Your Joy ( for bringing in the Cocoa Vanilla Studio line of papers. Yes, they may be a bit more expensive, but the quality is superior and worth every penny! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to dive back into this paper pack to create some more.

I hope you’re all finding some time to be creative these days.


Just One More Chapter

Just One More Chapter

Coronavirus has forced all of us to change our lives overnight. Plans have been put on hold, work looks completely different, and everyday activities such as shopping are now done only when absolutely required. For me, the hardest part of this pandemic is the social isolation. Being forced to stay home, when our nature is to socialize and enjoy life with others around us. I don’t want to come across as complaining – I am completely grateful that my family and friends are all safe and well. I will be forever grateful to those who work the front lines for us, they truly are deserving hero’s in my books.

I am very fortunate to have my daughter and her family living directly across the street. It’s incredibly wonderful to be able to just walk across the road to see my 3 beautiful grandchildren any day of the week. I often take advantage of this opportunity and love to read with them at bedtime. But social distancing called for an immediate halt to that luxury. They are so close, yet so far now! How I yearn for those little hugs once again! We are very lucky that we aren’t separated by miles, and I’m often found at their front bay window waving and blowing kisses.

My granddaughter Madison and I have been reading Harry Potter for the last 4 years. When an illustrated version of the series came out, I jumped on it as an excellent way to engage Maddy in these wonderful adventures. She was hooked right from the start, and we’re now on the 4th book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. I can’t say enough about these illustrated versions. The pictures are simply spectacular.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Maddy and I have always read together, side by side. In our new state of being (COVID-19), this is no longer possible. When I asked Maddy if she’d like to keep reading via a video call, she readily agreed, and we now read via video link every night. I really treasure these times together. The layout at the top of this post was my attempt to document how we’ve adapted to our surroundings and found a way to carry on.

The papers for this project came from Harry Potter lines from Moxxie and Reminisce. The book cut file is by Paige Evans and is called “Open Book”. I loved that it provided an opportunity to journal directly on the “pages”. The title cut file – Just One More Chapter – is part of a larger cut file from Cut to You called “Book Lover”. You can find it here: The stickers used came from 2 separate Harry Potter sticker sheets by Paper House and Scrapbook Customs.

Wishing you all continued good health and happy reading as we weather this storm together.


Unconditional Love

Let me introduce you to Tanis, she is the beautiful woman in the photograph below. She’s engaged to our son Sean – a Corporal in the Canadian Army. Sean is currently deployed. He’s been overseas since early January.  Having a partner in the military is not easy. It means a lot of time spent apart while your partner is on exercise, or training – or months apart when they’re deployed. Most of us can’t imagine what’s it’s like to say goodbye to our partner for 6 or more months at a time. Deployments are tough on all members of the family, but especially those who long to have their loved ones back in their arms each night.

Now imagine missing your partner and the Coronavirus Pandemic hits. Fears for our health is our number one concern, and yet, we can’t do anything for our loved one when they’re half a world away.  Like many of us, Tanis now works from home. Her only companions are her cat, Stella, and her dog, Lillie. She has a wonderful family close to home, but with social distancing, she’s missing the face to face family time that helps keep her going. Enter Lillie…..

Unconditional Love

They say a photo can speak a thousand words – this one really got me. Lillie loves Sean and she’s been missing him too. This week, she nuzzled up to Tanis and gave her the best hug possible, something she usually reserves for Sean. You can see it in Lillie’s face – that’s unconditional love – reaching out and unselfishly making someone else feel better. Tanis and Sean, we love you both and we are counting down the days until you two are reunited. I really should say “until you three” are reunited, because we know how much Lillie loves you both!

For those interested in how this page came together, I used another cut file from AnettsDesigns, called Spring Frame.

Spring Frame

All the patterned paper used in this layout is from Pinkfresh – the “Just a little lovely” collection. All embellishments including ephemera, phrase stickers, mini puffy alpha stickers, and enamel dots are part of the same collection. This collection was purchased from Scrapbook Your Joy. I cut the frame from white cardstock and backed the edge of the frame, flowers and leaves with selected papers from this collection. Before I added any embellishments, I added some white paint splatters for added texture.

To all of you missing your families and friends during this worldwide crisis, I send you love and hope that better days are just around the corner. To Sean and Tanis – keep holding on, you are both incredibly strong, beautiful and loving. Each day brings you closer to being reunited. And what a celebration that’s going to be!



Happy Easter!

This certainly is not the Easter any of us would have expected. The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us all to be away from our families, friends and celebrations. I’ve found this time of slowing down, settling down and being limited in our movements has brought a greater awareness of the smaller things we so often take for granted.

Crafting has always been a type of therapy for me. It forces me to think and work completely differently than how I go about my work and home life. I love how it pushes away the stresses of work and life in favour of finding a creative space. I’m a planner and an organizer by nature. I’m always pleasantly surprised to find that the “plan” I had in my mind for a layout or project never materializes as envisioned. That’s the beauty of creativity – it’s so unpredictable, liberating and inspiring.

I am fortunate to have 3 grandchildren that live right across the street. But social distancing means no more hugs, no more family dinners, no more cuddles and bedtime stories – for now. I wanted to try and make Easter as special as always for these beauties, and a new t-shirt and warm breezes just seem to beckon spring to come our way. I knew I could supply the new t-shirt part of the deal! To round out their gifts, I also baked some chocolate cupcakes and printed out some Easter mazes, word search and hidden puzzles from Pinterest. This year, gifts were delivered and left on the front step.

The two oldest, Maddy and Owen each received a new t-shirt using the Easter Bunnies Couple cut file by Anett Gelencsér. You can find Anett’s cut files on Etsy, her shop is called AnettsDesigns ( Her designs are simply gorgeous, and as you can see, so adaptable to paper crafting,  wearable art and just about anything you can think of!

Easter Bunnies Couple

I used the male and female bunnies for each of the kids t-shirts and coordinated cards. I can’t wait to receive some pictures of Maddy and Owen in their new t-shirts, and then I’ll use the file to scrapbook a page for each of their scrapbooks. I’m thrilled with how they both turned out. Here’s Owen’s t-shirt and card.

Owen Easter

I took time to back fill the bunnies on the cards to help them stand out a bit from the background. The Silhouette is so handy for this type of work. I used a heavy vellum for the body of the bunnies.

The female bunny was a bit more intricate and took more time to back fill for the card. It was worth the effort, and I’m really happy with the result.

Maddy Easter 2

Ben’s t-shirt and card was made with the Bunny Trail cut file by Virginia Walker of COAPA (Confessions of a Paper Addict).Bunny TrailVirginia’s shop is also found on Etsy ( She has also created a Facebook Fan page where you can learn about upcoming releases and be inspired by others who love her cut files. Virginia also gives away free cut files via the Facebook platform – so be sure to join the group and start collecting some amazing cut files for free!

Ben Easter

This is such a perfect cut file for the young ones. I wanted the bunnies in the card to look like they were sitting on the grass. I achieved this by using the Grassy Fields die from My Favorite Things (MFT). The Hoppy Easter stamp used in each of theses cards is by We R Memory Keepers, and I’ve had it in my stamp stash for years.  Last, but not least, all the patterned paper backgrounds on the front of each card comes from Lawn Fawn’s “speckles” 6×6 inch petite paper pack. The papers look exactly like dyed Easter eggs, making them the perfect compliment to the design.

Well, there you have it. My Easter gifts to my grandchildren in 2020. A year we’re not soon to forget. I hope you all stay safe and well in the coming weeks and months. And remember, crafting can be a wonderful, relaxing and fulfilling hobby. To me, it’s the perfect elixir in these stressful days.